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Washington University without $$ Vs Univ. of Missouri-Columbia with $$

I'm wondering whether to attend the University of Missouri Columbia with scholarship money or to attend Washington University St. Louis without schloarship aid.

I plan to stay in St. Louis after graduation, so does it really make sense to got into deep debt just for the Wash U name recognition?


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Re: Washington University without $$ Vs Univ. of Missouri-Columbia with $$
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2005, 01:01:42 AM »
what are your numbers?

WUSTL is just now sending out fin aid. I got accepted in November and just now heard back from the adcomms about $$.

so just because you haven't gotten any money yet doesnt mean that you won't get any.

In general, I say go for WUSTL over Missouri-Columbia if you're staying in the STL area, simply because it'll be easier to get a job in stl with the washu name. At least thats what my fathers friends have told me (he has a couple of friends who are managing partners in pretty big stl firms).
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