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Can someone that has visited GULC please give me a comprehensive detialed review of the School. Thank You.


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I went to the January admitted students reception and they put on quite a presentation.  If you get a chance, you should definitely go to one.

First, the facilities were the nicest I've seen.  They have 2 new buildings on their "campus".  It's not much of a campus, though, compared to a full university; just 4 buildings around a courtyard.  Anyhow, everything was very impressive and well taken care of. Their gym was the nicest university gym I've ever seen.  All the treadmills, bikes, eliptical machines, etc had their own 10"(or so, i'm guessing) flat screen TV.

The classes are mostly in McDonnough Hall, with a few of the smaller classes in the new Hotung International Law building.  Some of the classrooms in McD looked newly-rennovated and fancy, while a couple looked to be still on the "to-do" list.  All of the classrooms I was in had laptop power outlets, and most had ethernet ports.(The whole place had wi-fi)  I sat in on a Torts class, and the students seemed very well prepared and intelligent.  I would say based on VERY limited and unrepresentative experiences (1 class, 1 day), the kids at GULC and UTexas seem to be the quickest and best prepared.  This is as opposed to the kids at Cornell and Baylor, on the other hand, were neither as enthusiastic about their choices nor as quick in the classrooms. 

I was very impressed by the prof of the class I sat in on, and the class in general.  It was very non-competitive, almost as if they were working together to come at the right answer. 

Everyone on the school kept repeating a mantra of "we're the best school in the best place to be a law student".  Everyone was very enthusiastic about their unique opportunities to work for the federal government part time, or as part of a class, or whatever.  No one complained about the size of the classes or lack of individual attention, although i would suspect someone who craved individual attention wouldn't be at GULC in the first place.

I stayed overnight on a 1L's couch in the Gerwitz residence hall.  I was suprised by how nice it is, I expected it to be more like my Ugrad dorm, which was/is a sh ithole. It was a 2br,  and the rooms were long and narrow, but pretty spacious overall for downtown DC.  The shared area had a full kitchen, and a smallish living room.  If I end up at GULC, i'll probably live there, because it's probably a 30 second walk to the classes. 

The biggest downside is that GULC is in a semi-sketchy part of DC.  Everyone I asked said it probably wouldn't be the brightest idea to walk off campus alone at night.  Also, there were a few kids who were there because it was something to do after college.

Pros:  In DC, T-14, Very friendly and less competitive people
Cons:  Not a real campus (may be a pro if you don't want to be around ugrads), Large sections (125 peeps), Expensive and little aid is given out, limited access to interdisciplinary stuff.  Also, the profs, and most of the potential students, seemed pretty liberal.

The real question for me now is GULC v UTexas...

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Extremely helpful.  Thanks a lot.

Where are you looking to practice?  I would think that might be a rather important factor in your calculus.


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Thank you so much for the reply...if anyone else has any more inputs to add (good or bad) please feel free.  Thanks again for the time responding.


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~A GULC Hopeful  :D

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I'll add a few comments here:  The "main campus" is located in NW DC, which is a much nicer area.  If you take any interdiscplinary classes or are pursuing a dual degree, some of your classes will be there.  The university runs shuttles back and forth during the day.  One of the main reasons that the facilities are so "impressive" is because Georgetown consciously put effort into them.  They did a poll a few years ago and asked students who didn't choose to attend GULC why and the number one reason was faclities, thus they  now have a brand new fitness center and international law building (meanwhile the gym on the main campus is awful and badly needs upgrading).  From what I can tell from my undergraduate experience and those so far with the law center, it is an enormous bureaucracy and lawyer factory.  Interviews are done in large pools so you'll have to do your best to make yourself stand out asap or you won't get any.  This is a likely downside at any large program though, with so many applicants and so few positions to offer they have to limit the number of interviewees.  Most GULC grads go on to practice on the east coast/mid-atlantic region.  The degree is viewed very well internationally, although not as much in say the Western U.S. where the school does not have the cache really as other east coast schools.

I would say definitely attend on of the receptions in your area if you can't get to DC to visit the campus.  I know the people that put on the presentations and they do a very good job, plus you'll get an idea of what kind of lawyers they turn out by meeting a few of them.