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U Va Visit

U Va Visit
« on: February 22, 2005, 09:21:17 AM »
Took a very unofficial tour of C'Ville last weekend with a friend of mine that's a 3 L there currently.  Here are my observations:

1)  The campus is nice and well kept.  The school is designed in a square with a large courtyard in the middle, there are several student study areas interspersed on the first floor as well as individual lockers and mail boxes, student organization offices (the law review has a nice pool table in theirs), some auditoriums, a cafeteria and the library.  The second floor is mainly classrooms and professor's offices.  There appears to be ample parking (req. a permit) although most students seem to walk to class from a few nearby apartment complexes.  There is also a gym adjacent that is used mainly by law students and faculty.

2) Charlottesville appears to be growing.  It's a VERY student oriented town, absolutely COVERED in Virginia logos and the like.  There are several new shopping centers and malls, many of which offer student discounts.  The main campus is beautiful and has several libraries, cafeterias and gyms of its own that are open to law students as well.  The traffic wasn't terrible, but it wasn't exactly all rural either.

3)  People seem to know each other.  I went out in town and to their Barrister's Ball, at both events everyone seemed to know each other pretty well or at least know of each other.  Surprisingly, both the bars I went to were non-smoking and filled with graduate students.  There seem to be a ton of small restaurants, bars, cafes and sandwhich shops to feed the campus community.  It may have been that I was hanging out with 3Ls but the impression I got was that most of 2 and 3Ls get out quite a bit.  There is something called "Feb Club" which throws a different themed party literally every night in February, some involve getting dressed up, others what you drink.

4)  The drive to and from DC wasn't all that terrible.  It took me about 2.5 hours to get there and about 2 hours to get back on pretty narrow highways.  Lots to see on the way though, plenty of beautiful countryside and antique shops.

So I haven't done the "official" tour, but plan to soon.  Just thought I'd share.

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Thanks TP, and a belated congrats on all of your admissions.  Never a doubt in my mind.  You deserve it.


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Thanks!  Good luck with your apps  :)

Is anyone going to the admitted student day in March?  I'm debating between the March and April dates...

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When is it? 

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I don't think April there are 2 days, Thursday and Friday and in March just a Friday.  :-[