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transfering prospects

transfering prospects
« on: February 19, 2005, 01:05:09 PM »
Hi guys,

I've just gotten my first acceptance from the mighty cooley law school. my numbers are very low (146 / ugpa 3.2 (lsac gpa 2.6) I am hoping for another acceptance from a hjigher tier school, but i doubt i will get it.

my question is, what are the prospects of transfering after the first year, granted i bust my ass and did really well. would i be able to transfer out to a better tier school?

any help would be appericiated. 


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Re: transfering prospects
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Congrats on getting accepted. In order to transfer from ANY school you have to have great grades, so keep that in mind. In addition, if you're trying to transfer to a school nearby the school you are already attending the competition will be fierce for those few transfer spots and the AdComms from the higher ranked school will put a cap on how many people they can accept from your current school. For example, Whittier in SoCal is tier 4. Many people try to transfer to surrounding schools like Loyola, USC, UCLA, etc from Whittier. So these schools say that they'll only look at the people ranked in the top 8 in their class out of 300-400. Top 8. Can you be in the top 2%? If so, you can probably transfer. If not, you'll be staying at your original school. You'd have better chances transferring to a school out of the area where AdComms don't put a cap on how many transfers they can accept from your school or have a negative opinion of the quality of students. Not to mention that many times you will lose credits when you transfer. If you wouldn't be okay with graduating from Cooley, don't go to Cooley, transferring is not as easy as people make it seem.

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Thank you for the advice I really appericiate it. I am gonna wait and see if I get another acceptance, if not I would just start at Cooley and hope for the best for transfer.


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This happened to a friend of mine.  He didn't do that well on the LSAT.  He accepted at Widener and busted his ass and got the grades.  The next year he went to Rutgers on a transfer.  He really made out as Widener gave him money to attend.  Seemed like a good deal to me since he was able to prove that regardless of the test score he had what it takes to make good grades in law school.


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I don't know, I feel like it would be kind of nuts to go to a school knowing that you want to transfer- why not take another yr, work harder, and try to get that LSAT u?  With enough work, I firnly believe you can get a 146 up to the high 150s.  There are certain basic LSAT concepts that are univeral and once you master those, you can definitely get a much higher score than 146.  when you're talking about getting from the 160s to 170s, then your splitting hairs and it becomes much harder, but if you take a yr and really focus and do every practice test, I think you can get the LSAT up and then apply again next yr.  I mean, let's say you had a tough time with your 1l grades and couldn't ransfer.  would you then drop out? Seems risky to me....