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Who to talk to during visits?


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Re: Who to talk to during visits?
« Reply #10 on: February 19, 2005, 02:13:45 PM »
When I visited ASU, the director of graduate admissions (who is also a recent alum of the law school--what a dream for them, huh?) met with me and was honestly the best person I could have talked to.  I also met with the Director of admissions for the law school who is also a professor and while he was definitely informative and undeniably enthusiastic about the school, I enjoyed more speaking with Jonathan (the first one I met with) since he was much more candid about finding a place to live, what it would cost, how much I would actually be studying, and where the best places were to sleep in the library (seriously, this is not a joke).  He also introduced me to several students and one 2004 alum who is now the director of their pro bono program.  All in all, even though I was meeting with an admissions "salesperson," I actually could not have been happier with my visit and left there knowing that I would love going to school there.

 My visit was also enhanced by the fact that I did not get the parking ticket I had been expecting since there was so little parking on campus that I had to park in a one hour metered spot for a three hour appointment.