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(if you have a SO) are you living together during LS?

Yes, we'll split the bills
Yes, I'll help with $ when I can but my SO is paying the rent


Re: POLL: Living with SO during LS
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And women complain they don't get paid as much as men.  No sh*t when women keep everything they make, then take half of what every boyfreind they ever get makes.  Men are terribly underpaid. 

Alex, I can introduce you to some lovely ladies!  ;) Some of my friends are ready to be housewives, but most of us really do want to work and pay for ourselves. I wouldn't be with someone who wouldn't want me to use the education I have/will have.

My boyfriend has little education and although I'm extremely proud of him going back to get his degree, we both realize that I'll probably have better earning potential than he will, even after he graduates. We're lucky that, for us, it works out that we're both happy with the roles we'll have. I can't wait for my corner office, and he can't wait to have Gerber spit in his face!

I'm always ready to meet some lovely ladies.  ;)

 It's lucky you have a boyfriend who so compliments you. Its not always so easy

 My sister and her boyfriend, who I mentioned earlier, are both going into professions that take up a huge percentage of one's time.  They are engaged, and I wonder how they will adapt to having kids.  Either their kids will be raised by nannies and day care center employees, or either my sister or her fiancee are going to have to let their career suffer.

My sister-in-law is a midwife, and, for the time being, my brother is her "house huband".  After about 8 years of this they both really hate the set up.  She'd like to be able to stay home with the kids. She hates the fact that she has to be the bread winner, and always holds it over my brothers head.  It has not been a healthy set up for those two.  In the near future they plan to reverse those roles.  They have three kids, by the way.

Their situation is different then yours in that they didn't plan it.  They were young and stupid and woke up to find themselves with a family.  It sounds like you two are concientiously entering your roles.  So, it seems less likely you will come to resent one another when you are stuck in your roles.

In short, I hope it works out better for you.


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Re: POLL: Living with SO during LS
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