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BLSD Fam--the truly unexpected happened to me today...

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--- Quote from: SWB05 on February 16, 2005, 03:52:11 PM ---I got into Boalt.

Didn't expect this sh*t.

Oooooh what to do what to do...

I REALLY want to go to the East Coast, but damn...

Hey, Cardozo didn't offer me sh*t....think I could bargain with them w/ this acceptance?

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Congrats, SWB!!   8)


--- Quote from: etruman on February 16, 2005, 05:12:16 PM ---congrats SWB!!!  Hold out for Cornell otherwise Berkeley isn't a bad place to spend 3 more years.

--- End quote ---

damn - stop bitin'!

That's awesome!!  Ya know, I got deferred at Northeastern and was bummed and then a week later I got my acceptance to Boston College...funny how that *&^% works sometimes.

Big congrats!!  I'm sure there's some more east coast love coming your way.

Wow  ;D Congratulations. You can definetely use this acceptance for potential bargaining, if you are dead set on coming to the East Coast. But you've still got other schools to wait on too! I'm so happy for you  :)


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