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« on: February 15, 2005, 07:34:57 PM »
we need more guys.... does anyone remember anything else... was there one about solar systems??
I also think there was one abouttectonic plates and earthquakes... and the answer was about how some other force counteracts the tectonic plates...
anyone remember this one???

Lets keep making this list grow...

Re: More!
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yes, that is another question i think and i vaguely remember that answer choice.  I don't know if this question was newtonian or maybe this is another separate question


Re: More!
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I don't think anyone else has your photographic memory. Judging from what you're able to remember consciously, you could probably recreate the entire test verbatim if you went under hypnosis.

I'm of little use on this, but if one comes to me, I'll check in right away. I did remember one today, the one about anti-angiogenesis and obesity, but it turned out to be experimental.