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--- Quote from: Ladyday on February 15, 2005, 01:39:44 PM ---
--- Quote from: taterstol on February 15, 2005, 01:32:13 PM ---I've only shared my grades with one pretty close friend that I study a lot with, and that was only because it was pretty clear that we both did well. No one has outright asked "what did you get?" but people have done it in slightly subtler ways. My standard response is "i'm happy" or "i don't really discuss grades." I think that the people that have been posturing lately did not do so well. Who feels the need to posture if you actually did well?

Oh, and property is far and away the hardest class. Holy crap.

--- End quote ---

Thanks  :) I thought it was pretty rude. Like you, I've been mainly saying "i'm happy" 'cuz I am. Property is my best class  :D, don't tell me your easiest is Contracts.

--- End quote ---

Haha... actually Contracts was my easiest class. Property is bugging me because it's soooooo formalistic. I generally prefer keeping it real over being unnecessarily formalistic, which was what I liked about contracts. Regardless of the technical validity of things you might contract for, a judge could just as easily say "yeah, but this is crap. so no."

Burning Sands, Esq.:
Taterstol - welcome fellow 1L.  What school are you hailing from?

Yeah, the whole grades thing is pretty top secret at the school.  You don't wanna talk in front of the wrong person b/c you might be offending somebody who got a lower grade than you.  Right now, that's the least of my problems.  I'm just trying to stay motivated. 

I've never studied that hard in my life as I did for that first semester or law school.  I surpised myself b/c I didn't think I was capable of putting in all those hours and pushing it to the limit that many times, closing the library down pretty much every night, etc. 

NOW...its a different story.  I feel like some kinda war vet who's come back to the states. But I had a talk with LadyDay the other day and she gave me the speach so I've been getting myself together.

As far as Property...yeah.  That joker is the truth ain't it?  LOL  You must be talkin about the future interests, O to A then to C for life, so long as C does XYZ but if not, then to D and his remainder.  There doesn't seem to be anything simple about the fee simple.   LadyDay did you ever get that damn Rupe Agains Perpetuities down?   ;D  I know you were complaining about that dam thing for brief minute.

My think with Contracts is that you finish the course, and you're still like, so what is a Contract?  Taterstol you hit it on the head, the judge can still, at the end of the day, decide to enforce the agreement or decide to not enforce the agreement.  Contracts is nothing more than promises that courts will recognize.  If they would just tell you that on the first day, then everything would be alright. 

If you hate formalistic classes then you must HATE Civ Pro.

Burning Sands, Esq.:
oh yeah, and civ pro sucks

thank you


--- Quote from: RedMan on February 15, 2005, 11:58:47 PM ---LadyDay did you ever get that damn Rupe Agains Perpetuities down?   ;D  I know you were complaining about that dam thing for brief minute.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, the night before the damn mid-term, at least I think so  :-\ if my grade is any reflection  ;). But don't ask me what the hell it means now, Property has moved to the real *&^% now, tenants and crap.

Hate to hijack but since I have your brillant minds and experience. Prep or Chill out for the summer. I can't really chill but I have been reading LS Confidential and 1L. Anything you guys know now you wish you had known last year, Six months or so b4 school.


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