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Are there any AAs on here from WUSTL who can speak about scholarships?  or anything else about the school?
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Re: Scholarships
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Shaq Fu?


Better late then never, I guess.
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Here's a link to a scholarship I created:


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Re: Scholarships
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This isn't a law school scholarship, but please pass it along to an high schoolers you know...

Syracuse University Scholarships

Syracuse University has 10 Full Rides for African American Men and Women interested in Studying Architecture. Mark Robbins, Dean of Syracuse University's School of Architecture is desperately seeking young men and women of color interested in pursuing a five year professional degree in Architecture. He says he's deeply committed to bringing diversity to his field and has scholarship money set aside to fully cover education costs for 10 students. He says that Hispanic enrollment in the school has increased substantially, but it's been harder to attract Blacks. Syracuse University 's School of Architecture has a great reputation and this seems like a terrific opportunity, so please pass this on to everyone you know.

Contact: Mark Robbins, Dean, School of Architecture
[ ]robbinsm@syr. edu

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Re: Scholarships
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A big THANK YOU to everyone who posted scholarship information and special thanks to blk_reign for starting the thread  :)