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Attended University of Phoenix-unfortunately!


I attended a masters program at University of Phoenix (you know the schools where you pay your money to get a degree). It's similar to National University.  Anyway, I regret going there now.  I really wasn't taught much and spent a ton of money in the process.

I'm wondering if this will be a strike against me when applying to major law schools?

Derrick Batts:
Probably not since many school dont look at graduate work for admission purposes. I went to Southern Methodist Universtiy for a Master of Liberal Arts and then applied to Texas Wesleyan University School of Law and the said "It would be unfair to consider previous graduate work since many students have only a Undergrad, I guess that means they evaluate each student on an even playing field. Go figure :-/

Ken Cruzado:
As Derrick stated, most LS don't even consider your Grad studies...

Unfortunately for myself, I attended UoP as an undergrad. So applying to a TT LS, assuming a 160+ LSAT and a progressive GPA (3.2 to 3.9 at graduation), I may have a LONGSHOT at best, especially with the increasing amount of ls apps.

So if there are any UoP alumni who have been accepted to a TT LS, pls share your experiences.

I just wanted to let you know based on the people I have spoken to (admissions director being one of those people) regardless of your alum status, whether it be National, UofP or the like a 3.2 to a 3.9 is one of the best uptrends in grades i have seen yet (except my own that is) and a 160+ LSAT is great you have much more than a fleeting chance! Good luck, my UGPA trend is 4.0 - to 3.6 (stupid fall semester) - to 3.92+ and raising.  Have fun don't worry too much.  ;)

Ken Cruzado:
thanks for the encouraging words Ivy.

I'll still have to wait and see re the 160+ LSAT. Thats only my goal, even though my current practice scores are still climbing.

If you change your mind about the *intensive* study plan, pls keep me in mind. Thanks again.



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