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iraq...or modern day... kurdishland...will one day a free country?

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well, when you think you may really wish to pursue may want to realize where a person is coming from and how the thought or action is delivered...until then...keep studying....and become a student of the law...and rhetoric...   and keep your kool

iraq as a "country" is somewhat a baby in "western terminology"...

coming out of a dictatorship is somewhat like coming out of a monarchy.

and the people who dwell in iraq have been historically trampled over by military leaders from the beginning of time...and hopefully, saddahm hussein is the last...
and the usa will leave soon.

many older iraqis are praying that their vote finally counts...and it was a proud moment for them to decide with whom they wish to trust...

the former soviet union...ran the "real" inhabitants over...great britain...during world war two ran them over..and so did germany and france...

mostly european nations railroaded the inhabitants of iraq...even italy had it's hand on influencing iraq during world war two...

syria wanted a pack with make the two countries one.

not even the sultan in cairo could gather the arabs what make you of it?

and during the iraq-iran war...the united states of america ran over the "people"...inhabitants of iraq.

before saddam hussain was ahmad hassan al-Bakr who was secretary of the regional command of the ba'th party in 1964. he was assisted in reorganizing the party by sadahm hussein,

(aye purposely misspell his name)...sorry...poetic license.

now, the arif regime, because it had not held popular elections, failed to attain legitimacy and had become completely dependent on military support. thus, when the ba'th party persuaded a few officers in key positions to abandon the regime, the fate of the 'arif government was sealed. and the iraqi people's fate was bruised...from actually 1964 until 2003...until george w. bush began his "shock and awe" bombardment...reminds me of a lyric by francis scott key .

but, saddahm took power and became a dictator...well...the kurds are a people who live in iraq...and other muslims live in iraq...and with a military dictator the destruction of mussolini or hitler...and a first vote for themselves...

like the first: george washington's and ben franklyn's and alexander hamilton's

remember, women at that time did not get a say in the


so, aye repeat my anthem...

one which the kurds...the iraqi females and without dictatorship...and, by the way...alexander hamilton and ben franklyn would be happy to back well...they knew the years of fighting we would have to undertake as a tiny country...and civil war...hamilton appreciated the british and jefferson appreciated the french...and washington was smart enough to call compromise between the two...but

the usa thrives today and is now able to help axis nations of humans to rise from tyranny.

syria is one time syria wished to join iraq...and cuba will be in the future when castro the problem is not nearly gone. warned radical islamic jihadists....allah is watching and "the women are watching"

"4.93":    And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his punishment is hell; he shall abide in it, and Allah will send His wrath on him and curse him and prepare for him a painful chastisement.

this is along the same vein as ....

"don t tread on me"

"wanted dead or alive"

"fuch the do nothings"


"give me liberty...or give me death"....

aye think enough death...let the iraqi people cry with happiness for freedom and make a start?  let them begin living.

what do you think?


ps. and no phanatic, i am not a mad man...just emotional that kurds and iraqi people are out from rule of a history and torrent of tramplings.


don't listen to yourself a favor...that person is a kiss ass "bacha gaiging"

and does not even realise it.