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Please share your experience with the admission offices here


Please share your experience with the admission offices here
« on: February 10, 2005, 06:43:57 AM »
I am very frustrated with Cardozo, though Dean Rob Schwartz was probably the most responsive dean out there. But the Cardozo's admission staff in general sucks. I emailed my updated statement to a staff member there, got no response and thought she already put it in my file. Emailed Carol Crawford to check on my status, no response for another month. Called the office a few weeks later to confirm, and they said they have the statement on file. Since I haven't gotten a "file complete" email, I emailed Dean Schwartz and asked him to be sure to consider the updated statement. He told me in the email that they don't accept email attachments. It seems like there are two versions of the story, but I would believe Schwartz's.

So for entire time, my statement wasn't updated, but nobody let me know. Don't contact anybody at Cardozo other than Schwartz if you have any questions or need to update anything.

Anybody who has pleasant/frustrating experience that you want to share, so that others won't waste their time contacting people who don't do their job.

Re: Please share your experience with the admission offices here
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2005, 07:52:20 AM »
Sorry, to hear that. I have had a great experience with Cardozo so far but I've only communicated with the Dean so that may be why.

As far as personal statement drama, UC Hastings had me at incomplete for like 3 weeks so I finally emailed them to see why they hadn't requested my report. They finally email me back a week later saying that my personal statement had not made it through LSAC intact. So they had me email them my personal statement. If I hadn't contacted them, who knows what would have happened to my app? It probably would have just sat there at incomplete until fall.