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biggest US news movers this year

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It might be kind of early to start talking about this.  But what schools do you all think are going to be the biggest movers in the US News rankings this year.  Do you think any of the schools have done anything to try to rank higher?  It seems like the top schools don't really move around, but lower in the list there is quite a bit of mobility from year to year.

George Costanza:
I think Illinois due their placement of 2 SCOTUS clerks will have a chance of moving up. WUSTL might also move up due to their aggressive recruiting of better students and faculty.

When do the new US News rankings come out anyway?

The new rankings come out in March - I think.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any resources that contain archives of past rankings.  NYU in particular talks very strongly about how they are a 'fast-rising star' among law schools.  Out of curiosity, I would like to see their rankings over the past 7-10 yrs.  


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