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"I don't know the full story behind this, but I do know someone that went to STU. He had pretty mediocre numbers and had been out of school for a while. He ended up failing out after his first semester because of some school policy that weeds out the lowest ranked students."

DO you know when this occured?  I'd be curious to hear if it happened in the past 2 years or previously.  I know all schools have a grading curve the first year - if this is for weeding out or not I am not sure.

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i've heard of some tier 4 schools that automaticcaly flunk out 30% of the class every year to not bring down their bar passage rates.. I have no idea if St. Thomas does this or not.. but it is a common practice among lower ranked schools.. which makes the competition intense too.. 


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I asked them about both their curve and their "weed-out" policy when I visited, and they wouldn't really elaborate. To the curve, the guy said, "Yeah, there is one, but everyone has one." To the other question, he said, "I'll have to check on that." But he didn't.

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Actually, it just happened (he started in fall of '04, and was back home after the holidays). That's a bit shady that they wouldn't elaborate. I know the Dean was directly involved with this case, because he attempted to petition it. Apparently it's a recent policy and the faculty's been discussing changing it back to a full year. It just struck me as odd and somewhat unfair that they wouldn't give people a full year. The guy I know was pretty traumatized by the whole experience. They apparently have the option of re-applying for the following year if they fail out.