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engineering major considering law school


engineering major considering law school
« on: February 06, 2005, 03:11:13 AM »
Im currently a engineering major at a T20 ugrad (GPA=3.5/4.0) and am considering law school after I complete my B.S. degree in 2007. I'm still at the "thinking about it stage" so I have a few basic questions.

If I keep the GPA I have now and get a fairly good LSAT score (~170+), how competitive will I be in terms of law school admissions?

I guess my engineering degree will qualify me for the patent bar once I finish law school. What are some good resources on patent law, etc so I can learn how life is like in the area? How are the job prospects for those with bioengineering/biomedical engineering degrees? Would it help to get an engineering graduate degree first?

looking for some advice and suggestions on how to proceed...Thanks.


Re: engineering major considering law school
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2005, 04:54:32 AM »
regarding your particular major for job prospects in patent law, it depends on the type of patent law.  if your interest is in patent litigation, the major is less important.  if it's for patent prosecuation (filing patents), then the demand is tied more to the number of inventions filed in the particular field (electrical, mechanical, chemcial, etc).   some fields like biotech (ie: pharmaceutical) really require a PhD.  Also consider what type of biomedical/bioengineering you are.. this program in some schools has more bio/chemistry emphasis with some engineering on top (competing with the PhDs)... other programs are more engineering with a few bio/chem classes (competing against BS degree holders).

I'd encourage you to do more research on this... There are dedicated patent law sites hobnobbed by patent lawyers than can give you better info