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LSAC is stupid


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LSAC is stupid
« on: February 02, 2005, 02:09:59 PM »
There is a way to submit transcripts from my school via the web so as soon as I received my new grades for the Fall I had my newest transcript sent to LSAC using this service. After this was done I realized this may not be the smartest idea since updated transcripts usually need to be accompanied by a form for processing. I decided to call LSAC, while on the phone with them they informed me they could not process any transcript which did not have the LSAC form attached. This worried me so I went to my registrar and had another transcript sent with the form. Low and behold the LSAC genius I spoke with did not know what he was talking about, when I called a second time I was informed all transcripts are reviewed as a requirement and any changes are noted and automatically logged regardless if the form is included or not. The latter turned out to be the case. So I e-mailed LSAC twice letting them know what happened and to please disregard the second transcript as it was an identical copy of the first. No response... I e-mailed them again to ask them please not to process them both... again no response. Needless to say they sent out two identical updates to my schools despite my frequent requests not to. So LSAC is pretty useless. I don't know what type of employees they have working there but it seems it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize if two things are identical one cannot be an update.

Do you think this makes me seem disorganized in the eyes of law schools? Do you think this surge of duplicate paperwork is going to reflect poorly or have no affect?

Personally I don't think it matters much, but I still think LSAC is pretty lame and I'm glad this wasn't a more important issue.

Re: LSAC is stupid
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2005, 02:30:02 PM »
I doubt the schools will blame it on you. They get lots of transcripts and just file them mindlessly into our folders. I bet most offices just trash or disregard any but the most recent transcript.