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Civil rights motivated by desire for equality? Or desire to harass and abuse?

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Is the civil rights movement motivated by a desire for equality? or by a desire to harass and verbally abuse others? For one self proclaimed civil rightist it seems to be the latter.

How many other supposed "civil rightists" are in it only because such movements offer a safe haven, from which they are free to verbally abuse, harass and otherwise vent their ill will onto the world?

At least you admit to what you are. You're the first one ever. But I wonder. With all the time you spend on verbal abuse and harassment, will you have any time for civil rights and bean sandwiches (like the one you claim to love in your avatar?)

Actually, verbal abuse and harassment don't take up too much of my time...I guess it comes naturally.  ...

Wow, you called me a "civil rightist." I kinda feel honored. THANKS! ;D

I can't believe you started a thread that verbally abuses and harasses me when you're supposed to be on hiatus or something due to the "poor moderators."  Don't you have anything better to talk about?  Or are you craving attention so badly that you needed to start this thread, since obviously none of us were missing your inane posts?


Let's not respond to this.