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Any Info on The Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Re: Any Info on The Thomas Jefferson School of Law
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in San Diego?  Anybody know anything about this school?

Thanks in advance

Thomas Jefferson, like Harvard, teaches from the same cases, has mostly the same curriculum, and has a faculty which consists of some professors who are actually better at teaching the law than many professors from the best schools in the country. This can be said for any school, from the top 10 to the bottom 10.
TJ is ABA accredited. Persons working Law review at TJ have as good a shot at a good, highly-paying job as the average student at many much more highly-ranked schools. USD and CAL Western are better schools, in terms of average faculty, student body, and facility considerations, but if you can't get into those schools, TJ is fine. TJ's facility leaves a lot to be desired, and the school is rather overcrowded for its size.  If money is a consideration, and you have grades to get a scholarship, TJ may be preferable to Cal Western, especially if you want to work in Public Interest Law.