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Bay Area Scholarship Schools?


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Bay Area Scholarship Schools?
« on: February 01, 2005, 02:17:30 PM »
Hi. This is my first post on here--I hope someone can help me out with my questions.

I want to be a public interest lawyer in the Bay Area (or, perhaps, DC). I know I will need either great LRAP or a nice scholarship to make it. What T2-4 schools should I be considering to try for a full ride at, that would set me up for a public interest connection in the Bay Area?

I have applied to Berkeley, Stanford, UCDavis, UCLA, USC, and Pepperdine (applied for scholarship). I'm finishing up Hastings.

Schools I might consider are

Santa Clara
Golden Gate
University of the Pacific McGeorge

Down south I know there are Chapman, Whittier, California Western, and UCSD, but I'm not sure I'd fit in that well in SoCal. I've lived in Santa Cruz and Davis and felt at home, but I am not a tanner or a leg-shaver, and I drive a crappy car I would happily abandon for a bike if I could--in other words, I'm not what I think of as L.A. material.

Help, any help, very appreciated!

My stats are 173/cancel/164(Oct'99) LSAT; 3.52 UGPA; 5 yrs work exp.

Re: Bay Area Scholarship Schools?
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2005, 02:55:18 PM »
That LSAT spread makes it a confusing call. If they disregard the one that's 5 years old, you're in a much better position and that may change everything. What I have to say is based on the assumption that they are going to average them.

With your numbers, I wouldn't waste your money on GG or UOP. I can see UOP maybe giving you a free ride, but I think GG is one of those "if your check clears, you're in," kind of schools, so I don't see them footing the bill. But if you think you have a chance in hell of getting into Berkeley or Stanford, why would you jump down to tier 3 and 4 for any amount of money? If you insist on lowering your bar to get some $, go for SC. Also, the one I didn't see on your list was USF. You've got a chance at some scholarship money there, and they are no worse than Santa Clara.
Stanford's not going to happen with a 3.52 unless you have one hell of a story to tell.
Berkeley is a long shot, but again, maybe you have a story. If you get into USC or UCLA, they might be your best way to go. USC may throw you some money, but UCLA is probably not going to (but they may be cheaper in the first place). Hastings may also be a good way to go, but again, I don't know that the UC's are going to offer you much $. Look to mediocre private schools if scholarships are a priority. (though some of the good ones offer $ too, and many of the top ones do need based grants)
If somehow you get into Stanford or Berkeley, go and don't look back. Period. The money part will work itself out.