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Choosing a Law School
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What law school to attend?  This is probably the most important decision you will make over the next several months. 

During these months you will receive and read a lot of advice to help you decide. Some of the important factors that will help you decided include the schoolís location, its cost, and its rank.

In making this important decision, consider one more thing: what do you expect to do in your legal career?

I realize you havenít even started law school, but this is the best time to think about it because what law school you attend can have a significant impact on your career.

For instance, if you eventually want to become a law professor there are certain schools that will greatly enhance your likelihood of achieving this goal.  Or if you are interested in working in the local prosecutorís office, it could be that the local prosecutor is teaching a class at a certain law school, which if you took that class and did well it could greatly enhance your possibilities of working for him or her.

Choosing what law school to attend based on what legal career you envision for yourself will put you one step closer to your long-term legal goals, and one step ahead of others who will be competing for the same jobs you seek. 

If you need further information on how to plan your legal career, or what to consider in making career decisions, contact the career services offices of the schools you have been accepted to.  The career services staff often possesses a wealth of information on how their school better prepares their students for certain legal careers. 

Also, asked to be put in contact with the schoolís graduates.  These people possess the jobs that you will be seeking, and no one can give you better information as to how to get that job then a person who presently has it.

Good luck choosing a school!

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