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The cows came home, pigs can fly, and hell just froze over! I got into Baylor!!!


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OMG I'm gonna be a lawyer!  ;D  :o  ;D

I'd like to thank the academy, my family, and all the little people on LSD! I don't think I could have lasted without you!  :'( ;)

Oh and my stats are 150/158 and 3.76. White, blonde hair, blue eyed, middle class male, from Texas (can't get any non-URM than that LOL). This is what sex must be like  :D

Fade to R. Kelly's "I believe I can Fly"....and yes I just got that song stuck in your head  ;D


wow congrats, 6th time did it for ya?

Congratulations! How long have you been trying to go to a good school?


Yay, I'm so happy for you!!!


You deserve it, man. No one's had more endurance than you.  Tell the hippo he can take a rest and spank it some more later.


Welcome to the Club of People Who Are In Somewhere, where the wood panelling is NOT wallpaper, the seats don't fold up, and there is no charge for a glass of water. Now that's class! Congrats.  ;D

That is so awesome!  Way to go!


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I knew you would make it! Congrats! And I think somebody needs to update his sig/profile. ;).

This is what sex must be like

Let's not go overboard ;)


Just to head home from work. Glad to see this hard luck story has come to an end. Congrats!

BIG H2001

congrats, I'm happy for you.