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Author Topic: The cows came home, pigs can fly, and hell just froze over! I got into Baylor!!!  (Read 6208 times)


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OMG I'm gonna be a lawyer!  ;D  :o  ;D

I'd like to thank the academy, my family, and all the little people on LSD! I don't think I could have lasted without you!  :'( ;)

Oh and my stats are 150/158 and 3.76. White, blonde hair, blue eyed, middle class male, from Texas (can't get any non-URM than that LOL). This is what sex must be like  :D

Fade to R. Kelly's "I believe I can Fly"....and yes I just got that song stuck in your head  ;D
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wow congrats, 6th time did it for ya?


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Congratulations! How long have you been trying to go to a good school?


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Yay, I'm so happy for you!!!


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You deserve it, man. No one's had more endurance than you.  Tell the hippo he can take a rest and spank it some more later.


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Welcome to the Club of People Who Are In Somewhere, where the wood panelling is NOT wallpaper, the seats don't fold up, and there is no charge for a glass of water. Now that's class! Congrats.  ;D


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That is so awesome!  Way to go!
DING! Ok, Peruna, back to the barn....


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I knew you would make it! Congrats! And I think somebody needs to update his sig/profile. ;).

This is what sex must be like

Let's not go overboard ;)
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Just to head home from work. Glad to see this hard luck story has come to an end. Congrats!

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congrats, I'm happy for you.