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Hey Andrew - you might want to re-organize the layout of the boards. What I mean is put the "General" board on top as the first board listed. I think many people might just want to post something and so go into the first board on the list, which is currently this one. If "General" were listed first it might help.

Anyway, thanks for a nice site.

Yeah - I'm trying to design the site to discourage one huge "general" board because people will post things that are actually not general at all and no one will be able to find those posts.

This category is supposed to be general topics for admitted students.  I moved things around so that this area is now after the application and LSAT type categories.


why make us all register again?

michael k:
because its necessary for world peace


--- Quote from: Andrew on May 02, 2003, 09:25:09 AM ---Originally, this category was created to give decided students (ie - if you KNOW that you're going to a certain school) a place to talk about the school, your plans, etc.  In other words: to get away from the "where did you get in" discussions.

--- End quote ---

You could change the name slightly to better reflect this restriction.  People get here by clicking on "general board for soon-to-be 1Ls."  Perhaps if you put "Accepted and Decided" in THAT title, instead of just on the wider section title, it would be more easily seen and followed.


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