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EVeryone should check out The Scoop -- it's a new program to help incoming 1Ls do well in school.

I think every body should take information about the school where he is going to study.

Hello! I just want to ask if you are trying to change the lay out?

Okay my 1st year courses at Tulane are as follows:

1st Semester
Contracts - 3 credits
Civil Procedure - 4 credits
Torts - 4 credits
Criminal Law - 3 credits
Legal Research and Writing - 4 credits (year long)

2nd Semester
Obligations I - 3 credits
Civil Law Property - 4 credits
Constitutional Law - 4 credits
Legal Research and Writing

My question is this: what is the best combination for class scheduling. 3 credit classes meet twice a week/4 credit classes meet three times a week.

Will I be able to schedule 3hr classes with 4hr classes?

Best practice? help?


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