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Re: Texas Wesleyan?
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I don't know about the girls, but it is a fairly new law school.  My boss (a lawyer in Dallas) told me they really haven't had a chance to establish a reputation yet and a degree from there may not be as marketable as a degree from a more established law school, such as SMU.  However, if you are planning on staying in the DFW area, it would probably be okay. 

Re: Texas Wesleyan?
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In Fort Worth, TX Wesleyan and Tech seem to be the main schools. In Dallas, SMU & UT. As far as the campus itself it's located in downtown FW in a pretty nice area. It's a new school as has been previously mentioned. It's right near the train station so you could take the train into downtown if you don't want to mess with parking.

I have known a lot of people who have gone there, most if not all are older students, working on a 2nd career. It seems to be a dependable, affordable, accessible law school for those not interested in leaving the FW area.

Re: Texas Wesleyan?
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Me too.  I've been working with lawyers so long, I finally decided, if you can't beat'em, then join'em.  Also, FYI, my boss hired a graduate from TWU and said she is one of his brightest attorneys. 


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Re: Texas Wesleyan?
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The building theyre in is 3 stories and the top floor had been government offices Anyway, they ran them off somehow and are renovating the floor to expand the school (check their website and it details what is to be included), by next fall it should be a very nice self contained campus. Not overly lavish but functional, and theres tons to do in downtown fort worth.....

Hot chicks? Some, actually......... I perused the wall full of pictures of the moot court team, honor fraternities, and law journal, quite a few cuties I must say (though not as much as a school on a typical campus with undergrad chicks running around)

I'd def take a look at it if you for sure wanted to stay in the DFW area, do well enough and I'm sure you'd get a job in Dallas too.

Only prob. I could forsee is the lack of alumni support/networking opportunities

At the same time, it would be cool to be one of the first to come out of a school and help shape it......

Troy McClure

Re: Texas Wesleyan?
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I'm from Dallas and really don't want to leave, but I didn't apply to Texas Wesleyan.  I have no doubt it's filled with great people, but they employment prospects are not great.

They only have one on-campus interviewer listed on NALP, and it's the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice.  You'd be working at the pen in Huntsville.

They also have an attrition rate of 33%.  That's very high.

For good news, they have had good bar passage rates for a while now.

Re: Texas Wesleyan?
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I'm from Ft. Worth and its a great place to live.  I was impressed when I visited Texas Wesleyan.  I think they are a good up and coming school.  I decided not to apply there just because I can't make the commute after work from North Dallas every day.