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Re: Study Abroad
« on: May 02, 2004, 02:19:43 PM »
i think study abroad can only help, never hurt. going to a foreign country, particularly one where you don't speak the language, is not something that everyone is willing to do.

personally, i spent a semester at tel-aviv university as an undergrad. my biggest problem with the program was that we lived in dorms with other americans, which left us fairly isolated from the real culture there, since everyone in the building was speaking english all the time (my main purpose for going was to learn hebrew, since i needed to pass my college's language requirement). if i were doing it again, i'd find a program where you do homestay, or at least arrange an apartment off campus, but i don't think that's as relevant for law school programs.

overall, i know a lot of people who went abroad (about 2/3 of people at my college went abroad at least once, and several went twice), and i've never met anyone who regrets the decision. i do, on the other hand, know a lot of people who regret not taking advantage of the opportunity, since you may never have the chance to live abroad again once you finish school and need to work, raise a family, etc.