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Affirmative Action Posts: Same *&^%, Different Toilets

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America's Next Top Lawyer:
Man, Those rejection letters must be coming out fast and furious! I can taste the bitterness from here. I am really indifferent to this issue but I have to speak out against racism whenever I see it.

It is amazing how these affirmative action posts try to single out the black race. As if Blacks are the only URMS. If anything, these posts expose the underlying race white/black problem that many people in our country still have.

I would have more respect for these people if they stop posting under assumed names and actually confront an URM to his/her face with these spurious claims. I think then, they will learn the true meaning of an affirmative action.


And I agree about Yaya.

BIG H2001:
I don't give a *&^% about acceptance or rejection letters because I have gotten none of either yet.  If I do get rejected I won't blame it on a AA.  I'm just tired of all this bull taking up space on this board.  Both sides (not just white people) are starting inane, emotionally charged threads.  I actually feel dumber when I read some of these topics on here now.

I just wish the topics regarding AA were restricted to another board.  This forum is supposedly about applications, not the history of slavery.

The posts are flying because people are being rejected - people with numbers who can't get into the school they feel is rejecting them for another person, or people who have fewer intangible qualities that the school is looking for.  In reality the sad thing is that if you break down the number of actual minority applicants/acceptees, you will find that they are the MINORITY (what a shocker) and THEREFORE most of the people that "took your spot" are, in fact, not minorities.

People need to get over it.

America's Next Top Lawyer:

--- Quote from: maricutie on January 18, 2005, 09:23:32 AM ---Amen.

And I agree about Yaya.

--- End quote ---

Hey, I contacted the moderators and they show no sign of moving these posts to another place. I don't know if this is approval or blindness.

On a more positive note, congratulations on your great acceptances. Somebody was obviously jealous of your acceptances because he/she tried to single you out in one of these AA postings. People just need to learn how to be happy for other people and get over the jealousy. Well, good luck with the future. You don't have to play the waiting game like the rest of us who applied late. 

PS-I read that a few agencies are trying to sign Yaya. She is more versatile (taller). And in the long run I think she will be a more successful model than that Eva girl. lol


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