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Racist PMs... (My vent!)

Re: Racist PMs... (My vent!)
« Reply #60 on: January 28, 2005, 06:00:32 AM »
Sorry to move off-topic, but I noticed you were WLd at Penn and I just wondereed if you wrote the Why Penn? essay and/or if there may be other factors that might explain it

Recently, I've been receiving a string of PMS from anonymous users stating that the only reason Iím getting into top law school is because of my URM status. Iím not sure whether to laugh or be insulted.  Not to rehash a topic thatís been beaten to death, but what is wrong with individuals these days? Perhaps law schools saw my application as a whole and wanted to admit me into their schools. People are failing to realize that my LSAT score is higher than 99% of all test takers out there; which including blacks, whites, Asians, and Latinos. There have been white people admitted to the same schools as me with lower scores. Should I automatically assume they were admitted because of the privilege that comes with being white? The sad reality is that some of these close minded, racist people are going to be in law school with me. My disgust has reached an all time high. No matter that I busted my ass working at least 25 hours a week, maintaining a high gap, founding one organization, and being president of four highly active organizations on my campus. Nah law schools didnít take any of that into consideration. The cowards who send me derogatory PMs, you guys are pathetic and ridiculous. Ironically if I was a white girl who got in, it would because of my high stats and overall package. Hypocrites, I canít wait to eat you alive in law schoolÖ

Iím done venting now. Continue on.


Re: Racist PMs... (My vent!)
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Fine, enough really is enough. 

I also want to say congratulations on all your acceptances in a very non-sarcastic way.  Your acceptances read like a laundry list of who's who in higher education.  I've read most of your posts concerning past work experience, and I couldn't be more impressed.  I do believe that the minority students tend to contribute more to their communities, and this, in my mind, has been one of the more persuasive points I have heard.  Anyways, I digress.  Thanks for your input thus far, I have been very interested in you comments.

Sorry, my intent wasn't to make it personal ... if I remember correctly, you're one of the people that I've had intelligent conversations about AA. I just think this posting was Regal's way of venting ... when something similar happened to me, I remember having a really, really good workout (;D), but I see how venting via a messageboard could help.

And thank you sincerely for the compliments. I've been very, very blessed this cycle in being able to have so many choices, not to mention getting into the one dream school that I wanted. I originally applied to so many schools because I figured on about 3-4 acceptances and wanted to have a good selection. Very lucky to be in this position. 


Re: Racist PMs... (My vent!)
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I didn't write the "Why Penn" essay. Initially I was disappointed that I wasn't accepted into Penn, but now I don't really care LOL.