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Read this WONDERFUL and short interview. THEN post comments. I would love to hear people's thoughts.


As someone who disagrees with most of what is being said here, I really like these lings among a few others.  I think they're right on:

"So it's not just that each individual has the right to go to the school. I'm making that argument. But each individual within the state should have an equal opportunity to qualify to get to the school..."

"those who are motivated to take advantage of the opportunity, when given the opportunity, can and often do succeed, often in ways that are different than their more privileged peers"

That said, I think he dug himself into a pretty deep hole with his thing about how you can't judge one's capacity without giving them an opportunity (i.e. a higher level education) and therefore we need to admit a proportion of all the taxpayers into at least the public schools.  The interveiwer poses the obvious question when he asks if this simply diminishes standards and he seems to flop around for a while and throw some abstract concepts around to avoid answering.

Also, I couldn't help but be amused when he claims that standardized tests are designed to show the white middle class "in all its glory."  I'm sorry but that's just funny.

I don't quite understand what you mean by attributing success to investments made by parents.  Could you explain this a little more?

I'm still not sure how much of this I buy, but regardless I want to tell you what a great post that was.  Even if I don't agree, that was just very good.  Good summary of the arguments and refreshingly void of any unwarranted implications or ideology.

I hear America singing:
The problem is what she said is true- there's just no way to change it.

Rich people will always have an advantage, no matter what color they are.  You could make the test about hula-hooping, and rich parents would buy their rich kids hoola-hoop instructors and special hoola-hoops to practice with.

And someone's who's been culturally conditioned to be a "thug" (her words) probably won't make a good lawyer, regardless or whether or not they'd be a good test-taker.

So, short of a major revolution, things will pretty much stay like they are.


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