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A thread for LSAT scores below 150

Re: A thread for LSAT scores below 150
« Reply #150 on: March 02, 2005, 01:10:46 PM »
Well fellow low LSAT test scorers....I got my first rejection today  :(. I know its the first of many but I'm still holding on to some hope. Unlike many of the LSD members, I have no plans of ever practicing law. I just want a JD! Is that crazy or what? Well still holding out for the other 15 schools that I applied to. Wish me luck!

Here are the schools that I applied to:
Barry University
Drake University
Georgia State University
Northern Illinois
The Thomas Cooley Law School
University of Arkansas
University of Baltimore
University of Georgia
University of South Carolina
University of St. Thomas
University of Tennessee
Washington & Lee
Willamette University
William & Mary
Wake Forest
John Marshall Atlanta---REJECTION


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Re: A thread for LSAT scores below 150
« Reply #151 on: March 02, 2005, 01:31:13 PM »

I do not mean to be a buzz kill, but for those with a sub-150 LSAT score, I encourage you to try again. The legal market is a very tough market to break into from a law school in the 3 or 4th tiers. I would advise you to take the test again with a prep course from one of the companies and try to do much better. If you wish to pursue a legal career, do not attend a 3 or 4th tier school. You will forever be stigmatised by your degree and you will have about a 1% chance to practice anywhere other than the DAs office or in your own private practice. I am not trying to demean these schools, but for those of you who still have a chance, do not waist your time and money. If you are going to do this, do it right. Just some advice.
You have no idea what you are talking about. First of all, people who attend T3 and T4 schools do get jobs.  They may have a hard time getting BIGLAW jobs, but not all of the people attending lower tiered schools care about getting into biglaw. Sure, if you think you are going to get out of a T4 and make 125k you are in for a rude awakening, but there are plenty of people who get jobs and do just fine. Also, I am not sure where you found the stat that people who go to a low tier school have about 1% chance of practicing anywhere other than a DA’s office or in private practice, but I am pretty sure you pulled it out of you’re a$$. That would mean that 99% of the lawyers out in the world went to a T1 or T2 school. I hate to be the one to break it to you but, the majority of attorneys did not attend a top school.

On another note, I do not know who you have spoken to or what credible source you got the information from that if you graduate from a low tiered school you are never able to compensate from stigmata that you get from attending a low tiered school. Everyone and anyone I have ever talked to who practices law or works in a law related field has  told me that once you work for a year no one cares where your degree came from, but rather they care about how well you know the law and how well you do your job. Sure, going to Harvard helps make getting an initial high paying job easier, but that is about all it is going to do for you. I have also been told by numerous people that being in the top of your class is what determines how easy a person finds a job coming out of law school. Sure you can be at the bottom of your class in Harvard and still get an initial job. However, once you are in the field, you have to prove yourself. It does not matter if you are a moron from Harvard, or a moron from a T4 school, if you are a moron it will quickly show in how you handle yourself in the field. 

Re: A thread for LSAT scores below 150
« Reply #152 on: March 02, 2005, 01:33:07 PM »
Don't let anyone talk you out of applying to law schools because your score is below 150!  If you really want to become a lawyer, you can become successful regardless of what school you go to or graduate from.  You may have more of a struggle and up-hill battle and be more restricted to the city or region the school is in, but you can do it if you are determined.  Many of the well-known names, like Johnny Cochran, Gloria Allred, Marcia Clark, Mark Geragos, did not attend noteworthy law schools.

You can check out the ABA Official Guide to Law Schools to look at the LSAT/GPA applied/admitted grids to target possible schools.  If you are very low income, apply for the LSDAS fee waiver and then you can ask schools to for application fee waivers.

Re: A thread for LSAT scores below 150
« Reply #153 on: March 02, 2005, 01:34:32 PM »
Amen Sista!

Re: A thread for LSAT scores below 150
« Reply #154 on: March 02, 2005, 02:02:36 PM »
Unlike many of the LSD members, I have no plans of ever practicing law. I just want a JD! Is that crazy or what? Well still holding out for the other 15 schools that I applied to. Wish me luck!

If you even hinted to that on you PS, you are probably going to get many more rejections!


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Re: A thread for LSAT scores below 150
« Reply #155 on: March 02, 2005, 04:26:52 PM »
I agree with the advice about taking the LSAT again.
I improved a lot on my second go-round. If I had realized how much I had screwed up my first score (much lower than my practice tests,) I would have cancelled. With me, I guess I had a mild nervous breakdown on test day. When I got my score back I knew there was no way I would get into the schools where I applied. So, although I was exhausted and broke from the first test, I took it again.

On another note someone said something about a low score means you will have to work for "the DA's office" as if that's somehow a bad thing? A last resort?

Anyway, where I live you better go to at least a tier 2 school to get a job at the DA's office. And, they seem to favor the tier 1 schools at the DA's office I want to work.


Re: A thread for LSAT scores below 150
« Reply #156 on: March 02, 2005, 10:47:25 PM »
Mark Geragos went to a law school that I've seen ridiculed on this board (Loyola CA) and George W. Bush was a C student.  Love or hate either of these people, they are proof that academics matter very little.  I also know a guy from Harvard law who's really dumb, for what it's worth. 

Bush went to Harvard Business School and Yale undergrad. Using him as an example doesn't help your argument.

You are obviously a massive TTT and will fail at everything.


Re: A thread for LSAT scores below 150
« Reply #157 on: March 02, 2005, 10:49:44 PM »

I am a high school drop out, and proud of it. 

You should be proud- that is quite an achievement! I am proud for you. Did you put this on your resume with your other accomplishments? When you go to job interviews do you say "I dropped out of high school, and I'm proud of it"?


Re: A thread for LSAT scores below 150
« Reply #158 on: March 02, 2005, 10:51:15 PM »
Perhaps, but I get pushed to say such things. 

And yes anyone at Harvard is a geek, it's a requirement.  I've been a high school teacher for 3 years and I've yet to see a cool kid apply there.  But I have seen lots of rich nerds and the occasional math-obsessed outcast.

Explain how someone who is proud of being a high school drop-out can teach high school?

You must teach at the worst f-ing high school on earth. TEACH FOR AMERICA IS FOR TTT INNER-CITY LOSERS.


Re: A thread for LSAT scores below 150
« Reply #159 on: March 03, 2005, 12:29:31 AM »
I would like to say that I am proud that all of you have decided to further your dreams and goals. Getting more education to make your life better is rarely ever wrong or bad. However, I would like to address one of you.

Hey XMichigan,
     I think if you had a more favorable views of the elite schools, then you might have been a better teacher. If you encouraged people to be nerds/geeks/dorks (do their homework, study for tests, etc) instead of discouraging it, then the educational systems might work better. If you complimented the Ivies and elite LACs instead of insulting them, then maybe kids in your classroom might strive for those schools. Teachers do influence their students. Not all people see the lenses of a high school dropout.
     At the top schools, pretty much all of us go to the top law schools because we want to, not because our parents want us to. If our parents wanted us to make money, then all of us would go into I-Banking. If our parents wanted to brag out what school we went to, then we would have gone to med school. I don't know why you keep emphasizing that we are doing this for our parents. My best guess is because you felt a lot of shame from your parents in not going to a great school. That's understandable. Go get theraphy, instead of imposing these views. I also don't know why you keep associating Ivies with rich kids. The truth is that at every single Ivy, at least 50% of the students receive finacial add. About 30% of the students have family incomes of less than $100,000. My best guess on why you associate Ivies with rich kids is because you haven't been able to make much money, but that's okay. Money doesn't mean everything.
     The truth is that on average, median, mode, nerds/geeks/dorks will make more money than those who are not. Sure, there are examples here and there in which people that didn't go to great schools made a lot of money, but that doesn't deny the *FACT* that nerds/geeks/dorks generally make a lot more. That also doesn't deny the *FACT* that there are a lot more nerds/geeks/dorks making a lot of money than those rare examples. Why go for rare occurrences instead of the general one. Look at the website of the Department of Labor. Why fight an uphill battle when you could push the boulder down the mountain?
     Also, I don't know why you *celebrate* and *are proud* of your failures. I think you should be more proud of your accomplishments (ie. getting into law school) than failing at high school.
     Also, we intellectuals/nerds/dorks/geeks like our friends, women, and life. My friends are loyal, understanding, interesting, and argumentative. It's great to connect on an intellectual level. I also like my intellectual women. I've laid the dumb blonde (easily doable by engaging them in a humorous and confidant way) and the hot intellectual girl, and I could honestly say that overall (mainly because of emotional connection through intellectual and sexual tension) sex from the hot intellectual girl was better. You prefer your friends, family, and women the way you do; and so do we.
     I'm trying to be nice here. I was a lot less insulting to you than you were towards nerds/geeks/dorks like me. Please reconsider your views.