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There are only like 50 threads devoted to this.  It all depends on what your numbers are's awful for splits

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You know, the pucker factor is starting to creep in.  I applied to loads and loads of schools, and now I'm wondering if I'm going to get into some of my dream reaches.  Some of which, by the way, I figured I had a legitimate shot.

Even though grad school doesn't technically figure into the ratio, if you are at a 27% on Chiashu, how many more points might I get for having excellent work experience and an MBA from a very good private Catholic school?

I'd like to hope you get plenty of points, but I, with no real knowledge whatsoever, don't find Chiashu that good of an indicator. If it's not good for splits, by extension, I don't think it should be good for anybody. A flaw is a flaw is a flaw. I think the grids are on LSAC are far more helpful. In your case, I think your LORs should be stellar, and I'd imagine you have a novel PS as well, which should help. I bet you get into at least one reach...


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Go with the grids...they are much better than chiashu...I've been rejected at places that chiashu showed I had fairly good chances at.


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man, I got into everywhere chiashu gave me a 30% or more thus far (3 schools). and I honestly don't think I had anything extra going for me beyond my numbers.
I had a good ps and recs, but I figured that was balanced out by my lack of WE and ECs.
I could have been lucky, but my 2 cents is that chiashu severely underrates you.


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How about the BC grids?  I felt those were much more generous than either Chiasu or LSAC.

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They match because they are based on the same data.  LSAC provides a category, while chiashu uses the same data set to derive a specific percentage.

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This has probably been beaten to death - but Chiasu, LSAC, AND the grids all give you the "hard" chance of admittance based on your numbers. The "soft" factors can move you within that bracket, but if the bracket says I have a 38% chance, I then look at my other factors and say "I can be as high as the next bracket, or as low as the last bracket". Make sense?

I still believe in these sources though. There is no way of fudging who got in and who didn't. It paints a good picture what to expect with your numbers but still allows for movement.