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The stress


The stress
« on: April 28, 2004, 12:20:08 PM »
I've heard of students really stressing out to make grades in law school, which seems like everyone.  Of course, I was thinking, if you are on a full ride or have parents paying for you, then that stress may be a little bit less, because there's not all that pressure on you to kick ass so you can make bank after graduating.  I mean, it would be nice to make all that money, and you should push yourself, but I am sure the stress of HAVING to as opposed to BEING ABLE TO would be markedly different.

Anyways, I got my financial aid offer from one school, at 47k of loans a year.  Hmm... I was thinking, damn, what could I do with 47k a year?  Here are some of my thoughts...

47k, I believe, is higher than the per capita incomes of every nation on the earth besides maybe the USA

I could buy an entry level Mercedes Benz.  Two of them.

I could afford rent on a 1 bedroom here in Westwood for about FOUR YEARS

I could feed myself, at my current food budget, for TWENTY YEARS

I could buy half of a Honus Wagner baseball card, the most expensive baseball card in history (I could get the whole card with 2 years worth of loans)

I could take the three year total of my loans, 150k, stick in some fund that might get me a 10 percent return every year (yea, i know, unlikely) with the 15k I'd get every year, (I know, taxes and everything, but we're pretending), I'd have a per capita income greater than 80 percent of families in the world.

150k will buy me an average house in Phoenix, Arizona

150k will buy me a garage in San Francisco, California

And it goes on...