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Re: The bad old days
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Does anyone remember when you had to haul out a typewriter and spend all bloody day on an application? 

No one applied to 25 schools back then.  Doing applications would have been a full-time job!

I even remember getting records inserted in college promotional materials.  You could only play them once or twice on the record player, because they were just plastic (or vinyl) over paper.

I love the internet.

Actually, back in the early nineties, I applied to many medical schools via typewriter. They had a central service, though, so all you had to do was type up one (four page) application and they would copy and send to all the schools on your list. Worked out pretty well. Of course, the application had tons of questions and very small spaces to put things in. I went through a lot of correction ribbon and white-out. You, of course, also had to be very careful typing. Putting a sentence in the wrong place, or messing up your margins while typing could mean starting over. Not much fun.



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Re: The bad old days
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I was talking to a friend the other day about applying to grad school in the early 90's. The aniticipation and disappointment only happened once a day when we went to the mailbox. Now I sit here all day watching the e-mail and the discussion boards for news of decisions. Pathetic.