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well..I had an incomplete in an ECON class back at my first school in 1999.  I was passing but was having some personal problems and had a great professor....what will that to to my LSDAS gpa? 

this is what the school says about incompletes....

A student shall receive a report of "Incomplete" in any course in which the course work has been passing up until the time of a documented precipitating incident or condition, but has not been completed because of illness or another reason which in the opinion of the instructor justifies the report. (Section 8.53.20 University Manual). Students receiving a grade of Incomplete should make necessary arrangements with the instructor to complete the work prior to the following midsemester. As with any grade, an Incomplete may not be changed after a period of two years.


Re: incomplete.....
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I'm not 100% certain, but I think that LSAC interprets incomplete grades as "F"s.

Even though your school has a 2-year policy for completing your work and changing the grade, you might try contacting your professor personally and asking if you can have the grade changed to "W".  It worked for me, and I don't think that "W"s are given any weight when LSAC calcs your UG GPA.


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Re: incomplete.....
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Note: Withdraw/fail (WF), no credit (NC), and incomplete (I), course credits are included in the calculation of GPA if the school indicates
credits attempted and considers the grade to be punitive. All grades and credits earned for repeated courses will be included in
the GPA calculation if the course units and grades appear on the transcript. A line drawn through course information or a grade does
not eliminate the course from GPA calculation. NC grades are also included if the school indicates credit was attempted, but not earned,
regardless of whether the school considers the grade to be punitive.

go to online services --> my docs --> transcripts --> academic summary report key.  the paragraph above is from the bottom of page 1.