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« on: April 27, 2004, 09:01:38 AM »
Okay so the waitlist letter I got said that they take "several hundred" people on their waitlist every year... anyone have a little more insight into the actual size of the waitlist and how many people have gotten off the waitlist in past years?  I want to write a letter of continuing interest, but I wont even be able to visit the campus unless I get in because I'm from CA (in other words... I don't have that kind of money!)  Has anyone written a letter to a school they havent visited?  I feel like I wouldn't know what to say.  "Pick me!  I'm great! I don't really know very much about your school!"....

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I called them yesterday, they said they have a few hundred people on the waitlist but they also said (as they did in the letter) that they exect to take at least a few people from the waitlist.

It probably wouldn't hurt to write a letter saying why you are interested in the school, so long as you can give an intelligent reason ... I don't think visiting a school is a prerequisite for writing them a letter.