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Dissappointed with the results


Dissappointed with the results
« on: March 20, 2002, 05:37:34 AM »
Well I think most schools have sent out decisions by now.  Things went a lot worse than I expected and I think I'm going to wait and apply again next year.  Did other people find that last years numbers weren't really applicable this year with the bad economy / increase in applicaitons?  Anyone else waiting another year / retaking the LSAT?


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Re: Dissappointed with the results
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2002, 02:57:18 AM »
However disappointing the results are, I think everyone applying this year had to know that they had a worse chance than last year. I padded my application list with lesser ranked schools and a greater number of schools as well (10!). I decided that I'd rather do 1st year at a less prestigous school (than wait a year), make sure that I really shine at that school and then apply for transfer to a higher ranked school. I have a feeling that just as the applications were up this year, so the dropouts will be next year, leaving plenty of transfer spots open for the more serious students.

Plus, you'd be surprised the attention you get from the lesser-ranked schools. They are always looking to improve their average scores. I've been seeing scholarship offers I know that I'd be lucky to see at the top-rankers. And taking the LSAT over again has proven to not do much for your score anyway. The average move is 3 points. That's not much.

I recommend accepting a seat at a lesser school. The education will certainly be the same or very similar (after all, 1st year is pretty much mandated by the ABA). The pressure may also be a heck of a lot less than at the more prestigious schools and then you trade up and get the degree from a more prestigious school anyway.

However, all that being said, taking a year off and working at a firm or in some legal capacity can't hurt either. I have 5-years work experience out of college and I have been finding that it has helped my applications a great deal. I guess it all depends on how much of a hurry you are in to be a lawyer.

Either way, good luck with your decision.

Hilarie Lloyd

Re: Dissappointed with the results
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2002, 05:59:59 PM »

I agree that this year has been tough. I think whether you wait a year or not should depend on your other goals and interests besides law school - is there anything wild you have been wanting to do and haven't done yet? Take a year off and do it! It's true that next year might not be any easier and that there may be transfer opportunities if you prove yourself as steller in your lesser law school...but if your heart isn't in it you might not excell as much as you would after the year of your dreams and a second shot at applications.
Your law applicant that can't decide between Duke and Cornell,
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PS- I got rejected from a million good schools too: Berkeley, Columbia, etc.


Re: Dissappointed with the results
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2002, 06:32:07 AM »
Just a few #s for yall.
23% more people took the LSAT this year than last year.
UDenver this year had 1000(thousand) more applications this year than they did last year.   A sibling currently attending Texas Tech law school said that the school usually sends out 500 acceptances, and about 50-90 actually enroll, lately itís been about 200-300 trying to enroll, and therefore they have cut back on the original acceptances to about 200.  Texas Tech is a tier 4 school, but if you compare everything to UT Austin (#15), you will find everything is just the same other than the LSAT and GPA.  The bar passage rate has less than a 0.5% or so difference.    At Tech you will get much more personal attention than you would at UT:Austin.  Tech is also going to almost double tuition because of all the applicants and people trying to get in, as I believe other schools will too.

All this toughness is being contributed by the 1940s and 50s baby boomers now discovering they want to do something different with their life, therefore they want to go to college and law school.  When they were young a HS diploma was enough, these days a bachelor degree is hardly anything, especially if you want to make more than $30,000 a year.  
Another thing is the amount of kids from these baby boomers are now reaching college age.  The parents are making sure that their kids are setup for life; instead of making the mistake they did in believing a HS diploma was enough.  
If you think getting in this year is hard, what do you think next year will bring.  Another thing, if itís hard just to get into law school, try thinking about getting a job in three or four years when the market is flooded with lawyers.

I personally have received 9(nine) rejections to date, and no acceptances. Bad thing on my part is I am doing undergrad in 2.5 years, instead of four.  When I sent my applications in I was barely a junior.  Two semesters of grades will not even be looked at by the law schools.  In the Fall I took 18 hours, all upper level, and this semester I am taking 25 hours, all upper level except 1 class.  My grades have drastically improved over the last two semesters but when the LSDAS sent my profile etc, my GPA sucked, and I had only taken basically core classes.   This is not a problem that everyone faces.  I will graduate in May, with double majors, History and Political Science, approx 3.3 GPA, 3.0CGPA.  When LSDAS sent my GPA it was 2.75.  However, I am only 20 and have plenty of chances and many years ahead to go to school.

I am still waiting to hear from UMontana, USouth Dakota, UWyoming, Case Western Reserve, and Creighton.

Rejected from: (Long list)  UTexas Tech, UIdaho, UMissouri-Columbia, UNebraska-Lincoln, UKentucky(Chase), UNew Mexico, UNorth Dakota,  UDenver, UTulsa,
Just my thoughts at the moment.