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"10 actual" are easier....just starting? go for "10 more" and "next 10"


Unfortunately I think that as many others have said the "10 actual" LSATs are much easier than the "10 more".
I scored a 167 today on oct 1993...and my highest score before that was a 161.
I looked back at my other tests and the "10 actual" tests are all higher than what I was getting with a recent test during that time.

It's not that they aren't good practice, but this is just a note to those who may just be starting up...I would go right for the "10 more" and the "next 10". Unless of course you have time to take them all...



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At least do the games I listed in my post, "This post may raise your score".  Those are game types you can't practice outside of the older tests. . . - A site for discussions on books, movies, video games and other forms of entertainment.  We're just starting out, so stop on by, if you have the chance.


thats true.


M2, the games are easier overall but there are a few hard sections thrown in there.  I think the RC and LR questions are on par with current material.  I think its worth going through them just to get aquainted with the older games like circular, pattern, mapping, numbers, etc