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« on: April 23, 2004, 01:08:40 PM »
hey all...

i just wanted to put something up here for pat tillman, the nfl player who was killed in afghanistan. i'm not sure if a lot of you don't care or think he's just getting a bunch of recognition because he was an NFL player, but i just wanted to make it known that he was a wonderful person who even though i only got to meet (literally) for a second, he was a genuine person and i'm glad i came in contact w/him.

he will definitely be missed and remembered.  :'(


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I think we can respect Tillman for his sacrifice and as representative of the lost potential and excellence in many careers cut short by this war.

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Two years ago, when I heard Pat Tillman was going to become an Army Ranger, it made me reflect on the nature of our society.  Myself included, we are primarily so obsessed with financial and personal success that it becomes easy to forget what is virtous, moral, and heroic.
As a current college football player, I can recognize the passion that Tillman had for football.  He was only 200 pounds and under 6 feet tall, but he made it.  That is impossible without loving the game.  Yet, he gave that all up, along with a lucrative contract to do what he believed was the right thing.
He exemplifies the values that this country was founded on, and is a reminder of what is good in this world. Loyalty, honor, passion, and courage.  Pat Tillman will hopefully be forever remembered as a role model for people of all ages, and I hope right now he is in better place, rightfully so.



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Tillman is what all of us should strive to be.  Pure and simple. 

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His story is really inspirational to anyone...extreme self-sacrafice...twice.
1) To give up that much money to fight and represent our country.
2) To give up his life to fight for the lives of others.

There are very few people left with that degree of character.  Very sad.   :'(


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I want to add something about Pat Tillman.  He was inspired by 9/11, and decided to fight for his country.  THIS alone, besides the considerable money and career he was giving up, makes him a hero, as well as all of our men and women in uniform.  I have to add that I am at least relieved because I believe he died in Afghanistan, which was and STILL should be the front against the War on Terror.

I have been lucky enough to not lose anyone I know to any wars.  However, because I am such a big sports fan, and Tillman's story was widely-told (against his modest wishes), I feel like I know the guy.  Considering his, as well as all those men and women whose lives were cut short due to this phony war, I am getting savagely pissed off at Bush.  But again, I am at least relieved Tillman was able to die for something he believed in, and not in Iraq.


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May he rest in peace in heaven. Pat Tillman was a truly great man, a hero and what he did was heroic and blessed. He really gave up everything to fight for his country. I hope his Country knows what they are doing because I hope it wasn't in vain!!


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Re: Tillman
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I am a huge sports fan, though not so much of football, especially at the pro level. Despite my fandom, there are only a handful of athletes (in any sport) I've ever looked up to as human beings. Pat Tillman was one of the few. I am a die-hard University of Arizona fan, but my brother was at ASU (the hated rival) doing a master's during the era of Tillman and Jake Plummer. I watched a few of their games, and was amazed at the way Tillman played; in the words of Tedy Bruschi, 'full tilt, full time.' He never took a play off, and wanted to be on the field for every down. He was recognizable by the blond hair streaming out the back of his helmet, and his vicious hits. I followed him through his career on the Cardinals, and remember the day the team (not he) announced that he was leaving the $3.6 million free agent contract on the table to enlist. Given that he had a college degree (summa, in 3.5 years, no less), he had the option of going through officer school, but he turned it down, determined to work his way up from the bottom.

As far as anyone can tell, he's the first athlete since WWII to volunteer for service during his professional career. The fact that he did it while refusing all interviews on the subject, is all the more remarkable. Few people in this world are truly people of conviction, who put their beliefs before their comfort. Fewer still are celebrities who remove themselves from the limelight in order to do what they know is right. Pat Tillman was one, and yesterday he died defending the freedom we all take for granted.

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« Reply #8 on: April 24, 2004, 07:13:47 PM »
freddy - cool insight from you. i'm sure pat would've been happy to hear you say what you did. continued success in your next season and good luck getting thru training camp this upcoming summer.

aj :)


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Kellen "I am a soldier" Winslow should kill himself out of shame