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Rob Kaplan:
Hey everyone, I'm nervous with all my applications out so I thought it would be a good idea if we all compared numbers and where we got in (or didn't get in).  Please reply.  Here's mine:

GPA 3.8, LSAT, 160

In: Rutgers-Newark, Cardozo, Hofstra (full tuition--from what i hear they are giving money to everyone)
Out: Penn

Waiting: GW, BU, American, Temple.

Not in and probably not getting in!!!!!!:

Out: GW, G'town, Fordham, Penn, Cornell
Deferred: Duke, W&L
Waiting: American, Notre Dame, USC, BU, BC

3.5 UGPA, 4.0 GGPA Ivy, 158

GPA 3.59 LSAT 158
In: Miami, University of Akron, University of Toledo, Ohio Northern
Waitlisted: IUB, Cincinnati
Out: BC
Waiting: WUSTL, UGA, Ohio St., Tulane, CWRU, Penn St., Temple, IU-Indy

quick suggestion:

To avoid typing your numbers all the time, people could register with the site (this only takes a minute and gives you: (1) the ability to hide your email address, (2) the ability to protect your identity (no one else can post in your name), and (3) the ability to modify your posts later).  Once you register, click on "profile" at the top and change your "personal text" to your numbers.  This will show up each time you post, the same way I have "BU 2L" under my name.

This is by no means a requirement, just a suggestion.



Did you apply EA to BC?  


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