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Generally, if you're wait-listed...chances are pretty bad right? (GMU)

I got wait-listed at George Mason University (VA) and won't be hearing back from them until after May 15th.  Is getting wait-listed like a 50% chance, 25% chance, or a "don't get your hopes up Skippy"-kind of chance?

GMU is ranked #38 in the latest USNEWS report, but I'm thinking I might just wanna go out-of-state to either Rutger-Newark, St. John's, or Loyola Chicago. 


what was your GPA?  Im just surprised you didnt get into GMU straight out with a 165 LSAT and it also sounds like you are a VA resident.


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It depends on the school, but in general, a waitlisting means not bloody likely.  I got waitlisted at Vanderbilt.  I called and they told me that there were 600+ people on it.  Not bloody likely!

well, my ugpa was a JOKE.  I goofed off, had no direction in my life until it was too late.  Definitely less than 3.0 =/

I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up then huh? 


no, i would not get your hopes up, but i wouldnt sweat it either.  Rutgers is a great school and if you want to go into corporate law, work your ass of there and i guarantee you will do very well.  i have nothing but success stories from ppl i know who went there.

you live in VA?  I live in sterling.  born and raised in jersey though, if i had any choice in the matter i would still be living there.

Yea it would be great to get into GMU, especially since I'd be saving about 50-100K in debt!  But since it's not likely, I will be happy to be going to any other respectable law school.  At least I'll get a change of scenery, for one thing...


GMULAW, are you in full time or part time program? 

You are probably going to not get off the waitlist. I was in the admin the other day and they are getting pretty tight on numbers, especially at the end of the process, which is what every school does.  But if you do get in you are coming to a GREAT law school! I love it at GMU. My advice is to just be happy wherever you end up.

Full Time, but after the first year it doens't really matter too much. We have a lot of switching between the two programs

Got a call from GMU today telling me that I was accepted off of their waitlist.  Talk about be ecstatic!  I'm an undergrad at GWU so I'm pretty familiar with the area.  I had been waitlisted at GWU and was accepted at Maryland. 

Have hope people... You can get off of the waitlists! My stats are only 3.0/165 so if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone.  I'm just hoping it's not too late to submit the FAFSA forms.   

GMULAW, anything you can tell me about GMU that might be helpful.  I'm 90% positive that's where I'll be next year unless GW lets me in (a long shot).


Congrats on GMU! One of my best friends is headed there as well.  He's absolutely thrilled! GMU's placement stats rival those of GWU and Gtown.  Best of luck to you!