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Anybody applied to Mississippi College School of Law


Re: Anybody applied to Mississippi College School of Law
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Dude, aren't we huge losers posting on this website on Christmas? Oh well Merry Christmas.

I went out today.. just got home not long ago.  You graduated from University of Georgia? That's an awsome school... it's on the top of my list along with FSU and UF...although I have no expectation whatsoever from UGA.

As for your're in at a good school (Loyola at New Orleans).  I almost applied there...but I chose Louisiana State University instead due to higher ranking along with lower cost. 

Yeah UGA is a cool "college town" school. Lots of bars and coffee shops. LSU is another fun school from what I hear. I almost went to FSU for undergrad (my hometown is about 45 minutes away). FSU is a fun school, and Tallahassee isn't that bad really. But I'm heading out myself. Have a good one!