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Law Schools' Reputations (i.e. How cutthroat)


Re: Law Schools' Reputations (i.e. How cutthroat)
« Reply #20 on: December 17, 2004, 09:23:57 AM »
I've actually heard Stanford was pretty bad, but maybe that's because our school is just sooooooooooo relaxed and friendly.

Nooooooooo!!!! But, strangely, this is the first I've heard about Stanford being competitive in nature. Hopefully it DOES have something to do with Berkeley's super-at-ease rep. I figured anything on the west coast would generally be less competitive than an east coast counter-part. But what do I know ...

PS- I have a friend at Columbia who, as a 1L, got the only A in her class. Take this as you will, but wouldn't that freak you out if there was such a curve?? It does to me ...


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Re: Law Schools' Reputations (i.e. How cutthroat)
« Reply #21 on: December 27, 2004, 10:10:34 AM »
i haven't found fordham to be very cutthroat. sure, a lot of people want to do well, but the atmosphere is very collaborative. the administration bills the school as being 'the friendly law school' and while i do have gripes about the admin, i've been pleasantly surprised about the interactions with the students. everyone shares notes if you miss class, and nearly everyone is in at least one study group. outlines from previous years are freely distributed among the class.

it certainly could vary by section, so i can only speak for mine. while success is important, i haven't seen or heard of anyone doing anything that would harm another student's chance for success.