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Re: So I decided not to go to law school


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Re: So I decided not to go to law school
« on: August 01, 2003, 12:30:04 PM »
Hey peeps,

So, I decided not to attend law school this September. I'm kind of dissapointed but I believe I did the right thing. Since I've gotten my admission letters I experinced dread and anxiety anticpating first year law. To be honest, I applied hastily without considering if I wanted to do law for the rest of my life. It's hard to commit to something when the passion just isn't their. I spent may sleepless nights trying to convince my self that law school is my path but I was unsure.

Before I began, undergrad my parents pushed me to become a docotor. I enjoyed science but sorted of resented my parents for pushing me towards medicine. However, in second year I knew I loved biology and was fascinated and day dreamed about becoming a docotor. THe funny thing is I never worked hard to become one. Anyhow, after my rejection from med school in third year I gave up the dream. I was to caught up with timing and making money, etc. ect. SO i decided to look towards alternate careers. I attended a law school forum with a classmate of mine. During the forum I asked recruiters about using my science background within the law. Anyhow, I've spent most of fourth year researching possible areas: IP law, patent law. Thus, after my research I decided to apply to law school. I was so caught up in doing something soon after I graduted I guess I convinced my self that law school was the right path. I ntoiced problem signs during the LSAT. For some reason, I found my self drawn to the scientific passages but didn't care to read the other passages on history, poli sci, or anything not science related. However, I convinced my self that the LSAT was not represeantive of law school and I kept on study. To be honest, I study hard for the LSAT and I didn't do that well but my grades combined with work experince really made the difference.

I guess the main reason that I didn't go was because it never felt right and this medicine thing keeps nagging me. I don't know if medicine is the right career but I think it's something I need to pursue because i'll probably regret not giving it a shot. I think i can't accept another career untill i realize i'm not good enough for medicine or untill I give it my best shot.

Anyhow, I plan on returning to school to take physics, and working with two docotors: a neuropscyhiatrist and a opthomolagist. Then I plan on taking the MCAT as well. The one thing that I'm worried about is that my motivation for medicine isn't strong currently. I hope that motivation comes back soon.

Has anyone had a field the desired to be in but lost the motivation for a while. I posted on a pre-med web-site explain these feelings and recieved some very harsh criticism for trying to pursure medicine again. Most posters thought that since my motivation had weakened I shouldn't bother re-applying.

Anyhow, in the meantime I also try and plan to work with some IP lawyers and some patent attorneys to see if at all I would enjoy the work. In the mean time, I plan on pursuing a dream that I pushed away to easily....

To those that are pursuing law school I wish you all the best. Andrew thanks for all the support.


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Re: So I decided not to go to law school
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2003, 11:31:26 AM »
Your confusion has given me inspiration.  I am gad you decided to study medicine it sounds like this carreer was your first and natural calling I wish you all the best I am to puruse law school.  I have your persistence, the one place that we differ is that I wanted to pursue litigation (trial advocacy) since about 9 years old.  I wish all the best in your pursuit as a doctor.  All the best you my friend,