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Maine vs.Hofstra


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Maine vs.Hofstra
« on: April 17, 2004, 03:22:35 PM »
Maine cost per year = $22k
Hofstra cose per year = $43k
After 3 years, Maine = $66k
After 3 years, Hofstra = $129k

Hofstra avg. starting salary = $80k
Maine avg. starting salary = $40k

Hofstra = #89 (tier 2)
Maine = tier 4 (but top 100 on some charts)

Long Island vs. Portland...  Big vs. Small...

I have a wonderful girlfriend who lives in NC.  The plan could become attending one of these 2 schools and transfering down to her in NC, at Wake Forest, UNC, etc.  Would Hofstra get me into a NC school over Maine Law?

If I stay at one of the law schools for 3 years, would either have an advantage over the other for getting a job in NC?

Any advice or comments would be most appreciated.  I owe Hofstra $850 by April 30th, or Maine $200 by the 30th...  Thank you.

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