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LSAC Account Hold?


LSAC Account Hold?
« on: December 06, 2004, 01:51:20 PM »
I sent LSAC an email last week about an inconsistency I noticed in my academic summary report. Recently, I had submitted an updated transcript from my grad school that showed that I had actually completed the program and received a degree. LSAC received the transcript and processed it, but did not note that a degree was received.  Not that this is a HUGE omission or anything, but I really would prefer that my reports are correct.

So today I received an email back from LSAC that they are going to review the issue, and that my account now has a "Hold" on it (no reports will be issued) until the matter is resolved. 

LSAC did not mention how long this should take...and I have two schools requesting reports.  The delay in sending out reports concerns me (though not enough to sit on hold for 2 hours trying to get through to a human at LSAC).

Has anyone experienced anything like this???