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Re: Yale: Rolling Admissions?
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They avoid all the trouble by just not admitting anyone.  ;)

(If I had legitimate info to offer I certainly would.  :))


Re: Yale: Rolling Admissions?
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If you go on law school number and look at last year's admittees (is that a word?), it seems like they certainly stagger their offers. I guess this is the same as rolling admissions. But they also tend to send out their decisions much later in the process. My guess is that when you get your decision depends less on when you apply and more on how long it takes the random professors reviewing your application to get back with their decisions.


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Re: Yale: Rolling Admissions?
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The unique method the school uses to admit students, and its tradition of mailing its acceptance and rejection letters in waves, leads many to believe incorrectly that admissions are rolling, Webb said.

"We don't have rolling admissions," Webb said. "We have rolling notification."

Webb said the term "rolling admissions" suggests to applicants that they have a better chance of gaining entry into the law school if they submit their application significantly before the deadline.

Each year, Yale Law School receives approximately 5,000 applications. The school's faculty then whittles that number down to a group that will yield a class of approximately 180.

Many applications come in well before the school's Feb. 15 deadline, Webb said, and most are rejected after Associate Dean Jim Thomas or Webb reads them. After all the applications are received, the law school begins sending out rejection letters, hundreds each day.

According to a 1998 article Webb wrote describing the process, approximately 90 exceptional applications each year are forwarded directly to the chair of the Faculty Admissions Committee for his final okay. Another 1,000 are distributed to faculty members. As the prospective students are accepted, they are notified.


Re: Yale: Rolling Admissions?
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I kind of wish I hadn't read that.   :-\

On the timing thing -- LSN shows people getting in before February, but Yale claims that admissions decisions will be made in March/April.  What gives?

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Re: Yale: Rolling Admissions?
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read my other post or catch me on IM