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Re: Hmmmmmm
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slap your parents for marrying inside the family


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Re: Hmmmmmm
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Write your personal statement about how you're just as rare percentage wise as a 172 (both are only gotten by 1% of the pop). - A site for discussions on books, movies, video games and other forms of entertainment.  We're just starting out, so stop on by, if you have the chance.


Re: Hmmmmmm
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a 127 - that's a raw score of around 20-25. If i were the applicant I would definitely play up the fact that this score is no worse (and probably a little better) than randomly guessing. So focus on the fact that you were not duped by *every* attractive distractor. Like so:

"Dear admissions board, i am proud to say that there are some LSAT questions that simply cannot fool me."

Re: Hmmmmmm
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i would seriously have to tell this person that april fools day was 13 days ago and that the joke's over. lol i would SO be hoping that's a joke! if it's not? i'd feel sorry for the bro. lol  ::) :-\