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I am 26 and work full-time as a ystems engineer. I am married and hava 2yr old son. I am planning on attending law school next year as a complete my BS degree. I have somewhat narrowed my choices and would liek to get more input. My choices are: U of Texas, U of Houston, SMU

or I could ontinue to work and go to Texas Weslyn part-time. Your thoughts?


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I considered going back to Texas for law school, so I asked lots of my Texas friends about schools.  I can tell you I constistently that UT Austin is a magnificent school to go to!  It's definitely a top-notch legal education for a good price, although it's very stressful, I hear.  Still, it's the only national school in the state,.
SMU is a pretty campus, and really broke through a barrier when it passed Baylor in ratings, however, I wouldn't go there unless you are thinking about practicing in Dallas. University of Houston is supposed to be getting better and better, but, to be honest, some people have told me it is "ghetto".  I don't know if that type of thing matters to you or not...Good luck!  


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Bluebonnet: I'd like to know more about U of Houston. You made a comment that it's ghetto. Thanks a lot in advance.

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I have a friend who just graduated from SMU, aftter spending her last two semesters at U. of Houston. She said that Houston provided her with a better understanding of law. She reommended Uof H due to low price and high quality of education. I live in Dallas and would like to practice in TX.


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I am also interested in atttending law school in texas with my top two choices being UT and UH.  In an earlier post on this thread, someone said they heard UT was very stressful.  I am curious as to why it would be more stressful than other schools. Thanks for your help.