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Martindale-Hubbell stats on where lawyers went to law school?

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According to the annotations on the leiter rankings, Martindale-Hubbell has info on where lawyers at specific firms went to law school..

Does anyone know where to find this info?


Dude, I posted a link to a website, what more do you want?  The fact that this information is available is amazing.  People that are interested in practicing law don't realize how lucky they are to have SO MUCH information going into it...most other professions you're going on wild hunches with.

You are aware of as well, right?

Thanks for the links, but I already knew about those websites.

Is the info available in a more disgestable form?

For example they have the info for Cravath, Swaine & Moore but it would be a painstaking process to get consolidate this info for multiple law firms

Do they have tables or graphs or anything?

Painstaking process, yes...but one that may be worth it?  Those websites are insanely useful and I say its amazing that information is available in the first place...all hale a licenced profession such as law.


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