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some improvements,

some improvements,
« on: April 12, 2004, 06:36:49 AM »
well, i know that everyone likes this forum, including me, but since i know that andrew keeps updating his forum, i guess that my suggestions won't hurt.
1. when the one is signed as a guest and decides to log in in order to leave a comment to a thread that he/she is reading, the one is taken back to the homepage, and has to surf all the way back, and actually search for the thread that he/she wanted to post the reply in, and sometimes, it becomes such a pain in the butt that the one doesn't post at all. of course this doesn't apply for those who are signed in 24/7. but for those who aren't signed all the time, and use different computers, it is really not practical.

2. there should be a way to let the user know where he/she has posted lately, so that he/she can know when someone replies to his/her reply.

3. have you thought about a chat room. let's say that we arrange special dates for discussing a special topic. I guess it would be cool

anyways, i know that this year's application process is over, so i guess this could be nice stuff to be added for next year.

i don't know, but is there anyone else who has some kinda suggestions.

anyways, this is way the best law forum in the web.